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Roman Kyn

Grande Dixence Dam Switzerland 2023

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Roman Kyn

Roman Kyn Paris

Roman Kyn is a music composer, vocalist and electronic producer who’s music is grounded by an underlying ethos to combine the worlds of indie and techno. Roman’s sound marries a steady rhythmic ritual with a rich melodic journey. A strong aesthetic injected into his live performance, combining live instrumental improvisation and the manipulation of modern machines. After successful debut releases on Agoria’s Sapiens, he arrived on legendary Siamese label with his highly anticipated single “Where We Belong” showing off his very own signature, a special blend of dance floor tracks mixed with indie inspired storytelling and thrilling vocals.

Grande Dixence Dam Switzerland

The Grande Dixence dam, the highest gravity dam in the world. Located at the head of the Val d'Hérémence in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, the hydroelectric complex thus produces some 2 billion kWh each year and accounts for 20% of Switzerland's storage energy. It supplies the equivalent of 500,000 households with electricity. The top of the dam offers a dazzling 360° view. It can be reached freely on foot (approx. 45 minutes) or by cable car. There are also educational trails, exhibitions, a hotel and a restaurant, which make the visit a special experience.

Grande Dixence Dam

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