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Moullinex △ GPU Panic

Skywalk Gibraltar 2023

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Moullinex △ GPU Panic

Moullinex △ GPU Panic Lisbon

What started with ‘Luz’, a joint track that opened the door and led the way for Moullinex & GPU Panic to continue thriving, both individually and in ensemble, has since morphed into a partnership that this year will hit new creative heights. The △ in the name of their new project, a nod to the triangular structure with which they use as part of their new live performances as a duo. 2023 will mark the return to a creative relationship that keeps on giving seeing as GPU Panic is already a central presence on much of Moullinex’ recent output, notably with him being lead vocalist on Moullinex’s newest studio album ‘Requiem for Empathy’ released to huge acclaim. Just like they were then, as are they now, GPU Panic’s contributions are constantly manifested on beautiful songs that make you dance, daydream, and simultaneously cut to your core.

Skywalk Gibraltar

Standing 340 metres directly above sea level, the Skywalk is located higher than the tallest point of London’s The Shard. Gibraltar’s Skywalk offers breath-taking 360º views spanning three countries and two continents and links to other sites within the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, Upper Rock including the thrilling Windsor Suspension Bridge and the famous Apes’ Den via a series of walking trails. Built on the foundations of an existing WWII base structure, the Skywalk is designed to withstand wind speeds of over 150km/hour and can carry the weight of 5 Asian elephants, or 340 people, standing on it at the same time (visitor numbers will be limited to 50 at any one time). The floor and balustrade panels are made up of 4 layers of laminated glass (with a total thickness of around 4.2cm).


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