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TV Tower Stuttgart 2021

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Bondi Berlin

BONDI is an electronic dj & live act from Berlin. The musical character is defined by danceable deep house beats, mixed with indie elements, a variety of synth sounds, other instruments and organic recorded material. Driven beats and electronic elements let you easily drift away in a hypnotic state and end up in a pleasing physical experience – you just need to dance. With extraordinary vocals, slightly melancholic lyrics, supported by a guitar and driving synth-sound melodies, their pieces remind us a little of the 80ies Dark Wave – with a great impact on the dance floor. BONDI is constantly looking for colaborations with artists like Gabe, Vintage Culture, HRRSN, Niconé and releases regularly on labels like Bar 25 Music, Stil Vor Talent, Warung Recordings, Einmusika & Dantze. They played amazing shows now all around the globe in countries like Australia, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and not to forget Germany with festivals like 3000 Grad & Fusion Festival. They also appear regularly in their hometown in amazing clubs like Kater Blau, Ritter Butzke & Wilde Renate.

TV Tower Stuttgart

The Stuttgart TV Tower is a 216.6 metre high television and observation tower on the summit of the Hoher Bopfer in Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg. Opened in 1956, the tower became the city's landmark and represents the beginning of a new era in tower construction, both structurally and architecturally, as it is the first of its kind to be made of reinforced concrete, has a tower cage cantilevering from the shaft below the antenna and was built using the vertical cantilever construction method. In addition to the structural innovation, the successful commercial use of a restoration business and a viewing platform paved the way for a worldwide wave of tower construction. It became a prototype that was copied and further developed all over the world - from Frankfurt to Dortmund to Johannesburg and Wuhan in China. Today, the TV tower is one of Stuttgart's landmarks. From no other point in Stuttgart is the view of the city, the vineyards of the Neckar valley, the Swabian countryside, the Alb, the Black Forest and the Odenwald as impressive as from the TV tower.

TV Tower

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