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Saarpolygon Saarland 2021

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Betical Lille

It all started in the North of France when brothers Max and Martin decided to launch Betical. The brothers moved to the UK, immersed themselves into a different club culture that inspired them to forge their sound. Showing their penchant for innovative music. As well as leading music focused lives, they hold an obsession to win the equally creative industry of design. As an integral part of their project, the brothers enjoy utilising this skill to create their brand.

Saarpolygon Saarland

The Saarpolygon in Ensdorf, Saarland is a monument commemorating the coal mining industry in Saarland. In Saarland, coal has been mined over several centuries. At times, the industry was the largest employer in the region. In June 2012, the last coal mine, Bergwerk Saar, was closed. Since then, there has been no more coal mining in the Saarland. Nevertheless, the history of the coal mining industry, along with its associated traditions, is part of the region’s heritage.The Saar Polygon stands on the spoil tip of the Bergwerk Saar coal mine.This pile, with an area of about 50 hectares, rises about 150 meters above the surrounding Saar Valley. Due to its prominent position, the polygon is visible from all directions. France and Luxembourg are visible from the structure.


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